About the Artist

"Working with clay is allegorical of my life; it constantly, gently reminds me, that there are only so many things we can control in life. Clay is a forgiving medium, it gives and conforms to the direction of the artist, yet at the same time, like life, it requires us to acknowledge certain truths."
Nina Cork Sculpture in progress
Nina's current work explores the vessel as sacred space and is influenced by historical conopic jars, Catholic ritual, and biblical references to the angels. Her large ceramic figures, sometimes as large as four and five feet tall, serve as both scuplture and functioning vessels.​
"I am creating sacred space that becomes a silent dialogue between the artwork and the viewer. What occupies that space, whether tangible or intangible, is left to he/she who aquires the art. It could be as simple as a beautiful mantelpiece, or as meaningful as a sacred place for a loved one's remains."
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Little Known Facts About Nina...
Nina Cork Image
Was raised by Hippies...real ones.
Enjoys a glass of wine...lets be honest, she drinks a lot of wine!
Loves to eat.
Is always on a diet.
Has a love-hate relationship with running.
Is first born. 
Bad with names.
Good with faces.
Is still married to her high school sweetheart.
Has four awesome kids.
Is native to the Land of Lincoln. (Illinois)
Has moved 23 times...somewhat of a gypsy.
Can sew.
Was educated at Northern Illinois University and Texas A&M.
Has been an "artist at large" for over 30 years.
Has taken part in numerous juried exhibitions.
Has won awards for her work.
Has had solo exhibitions.
Her work is part of private collections.
Currently lives in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.
Owns a pottery studio... check out thouartpottery.etsy.com!
Spent eight years teaching high school art, sculpture and ceramics.
Loves an artistic challenge! Just tell her what you need!