Prayer Jars 
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What is a Prayer Jar...
Many of us devote time each day or evening to prayer, scripture and meditation; our personal time with God. A prayer jar is a special place to hold the names of those you wish to remember in your prayers; or even your hopes, fears, thanks, and special intentions.. The act of writing a person's name and placing it your prayer jar makes it a concrete action and not just a fleeting thought; much in the same way lighting a candle at church for someone, is an outward expression of our inner faith. 

For 8 years I attended St. Mary Catholic School, Plano, Illinois. During the Lenten season, we were asked to write down our Lenten promises as well as someone we would pray for and remember during the 40 days. They were sealed and placed in a wicker basket near the feet of Jesus. This practice has stuck with me through the years becoming a wonderful tool for focusing my prayers and intentions. I do not save this practice for Lent alone but have made it a regular part of my daily prayer life.

The creativity of others, honors the work of my hands. I market my vessels as a way to give solidity to our promise to pray for others. Place the names in a beautiful prayer jar, place the jar somewhere that you must pass everyday… the jar becomes a visual reminder to pray for others in need, specifically, the names in the jar. It’s a very simple concept I learned from some beautiful nuns during my years at Catholic School. However, since it’s inception, I receive the most amazing letters  from buyers telling me how they have chosen to use their jars… jars of thanks, urns for pets or loved ones, guests leaving well wishes for newlyweds, mother's recording the milestones of their children and prayers for them,and loved ones recording prayers and memories for the sick and dying… I am humbled. 

                    Peace ~ Nina Cork